otherGROUND Railroad, Chapter 1




released June 1, 2012



all rights reserved
Verse 1

whistle blowing all aboard i gatta train to catch
what accommodations come with travelers labeled second class
on top of the train watching time pass
asking hows the view and as he reflected said its not bad

where the carpool lane for all this traffic
talking human, talking drugs, talking feeding habits
who the fabric comforting the needs of what they call 1st world inhabitants
and they sleep tight, we miss the fams we left behind

haters always try and knock my people hustlin’
kinda like them with girls we do it for the strugglin’
i remember when my moms gave us food stamps
at the grocery store the 1st or 15th flip and get cash

project home on the couch cartoons on a Saturday
yellin’ for the criminals to break the safe and get paid
real as a real housewife titties its all fake
money doesn’t really exist tell that to my bank

default on loans, removed from homes
this is our exodus story now told
trying to find a new place where the eagle and cactus
i’ll watch the throne just don’t ask me to pay any taxes

Michael Lim

When I was growing up i didn’t fight back
was to young and didn’t know where to realize that
cash rules everything around me
cash rules everthing around me

now im all grown up and i look back
see the grass is greener when i didn’t see that
cash rules everything around me
cash rules everything around me
Track Name: Eastside
verse 1

can you hear the oldies rattle trucks through the streets
blown out speakers how we do bought at swap meets
art laboe dedications on a sunday night
i was born mt vernon st eastside
pioneer st fairfax raised at
howards mini mart yeah my uncle robbed that
he had to fix his heroine habit where the cash at
our allowance for the month was some food stamps
pops from cottenwood mamma was 2
pops worked them fields mamma did 2
pops hustled hard, momma went to school
she graduated bachelors degree then we moved
family vacas heart park saturdays
kern river/cutt jeans/our way/ don’t hate
3 flowers grease still kept the hair kept
this the eastside man i got love for it

welcome to the valley of cali so far from Ny
far from brightlights, still we sky rise
its not much but to me its where im from
for everyone represent its all love

verse 2

I used to take the five line bus with the homie steve
California park basketball we made the team
I remember playing rockets and our coach lodge
still there father figure to them kids lost
grew up grew tall valley champs we stars
Only team to ever do it/look it up/ see we are
number 10 that's me right there
lil skinny guy in the front thats where
all nights catch me a at park
the homie nick drinking 40s while wes played past dark
girls coming around fly outt of my leauge
making a bet with me
getta a date when i make this three
swish/ we all had dreams
how you ball in them cortez wear these
have u ever seen a homie ball ina pendleton
welcome to the eastside homie show love for it

verse 3

like the summer shine heating up the summer time
so the girls nice and brown yeah you know my type
yeah you know my type
you know ive been a lot of places, lets go home

broken english broken spanish broken homes
broken dreams, flat broke but we not alone
picking up the pieces always make it through another day
guess its why we do how we do when we celebrate

broken english broken spanish broken homes
broken dreams, flat broke but we not alone
picking up the pieces always make it through antoher day
guess its why we do how we do when we celebrate

this is Malcolm still giving speeches after the threats
we listen louder than ever even after his death
this is 2pacalypse what the fuck is swag
west coast machiavelli resurrect that

cuz things that really change the world made against the law
is why they ban our books let us have a stoner song
think, why would i wanna go they school
like lamar playing for the mavs...naww im cool

where all my white girls at
love our ethnic clothes and food notta ethnic studies class
hate, all im saying gatta join me where i stand
bring your salsa dancing ass to the front lines damn

still here and im doing the improbable
no mac miller type fans yeah its possible
so keep your tylor im my own creator
builda spaceship, then i time warp and bomb on your odd future

Together we're strong
Together united
You don't have to be alone
Come this way
You're gon BE OK
Whatever we feel
It must be invited
No secrets at home
Today's the day we're gon BE OK


I was only eight when she had her first date
Had love on her mind though they say it makes you blind
Ding dong ding dong
Went bells as i went through hell
Robb'n innocence of a little girl
Lets talk about how i liked it
Til i turnd twelve and despised it
What?! I'm not afraid to DIVULGE it
Confidentiality dis-eases my control of it
hold of it-role of it- take me to the soul of it- mama blames herself for confiding in a counterfeit
But hey- i give thanks for today, histories in our past now we gon BE OK

verse 3 CAMBIO

here like ceremonial songs that's passed on
show love is the brooklyn tribe chief biggie smalls
so you know its versace for a battle tonight
going dethroning all kings watch a new sun as it rise