Track Name: For the places unfinished at our creation

para los lugares dejados abadonados sin terminar nuestra creación
hemos aprendido desde niños encender la imaginación
hustle de diario común, el lienzo para mi diseño
es un estreno mundial, ahora ve mi hijo subir
y esta el cielo claro, masha allah
las condiciones perfectas para volar, a punto de despegar
pero me están pasando como a ese chico con los inhaladores y asma,
y mira lo que pasa, 1959 La Habana,
sí fui a Cuba a la playa y bebí ron
que esperabas Cambio 2 Eat Pray Love
no necesito un himalaya sólo para meditar
y no necesito un par de Jordans para elevar,
pero voy a tomar un par de cervezas para celebrar
tratando de coger un buzz homie para que sepan el nombre de
Cambio, permítanme traducir
que significa "cambio" (mejor que el promedio)
enrollar mis mangas
estamos construyendo una civilización, sólo tenemos una semana
porque dios descansó el séptimo día
nos asegurámos esta vez estamos trabajando durante el descanso
for the places unfinished at our creation
we learning from early ages engaging imagination
and everyday common hustle the canvas to my design
this is a world premier now watch my sun rise
and its clear skys, masha allah
perfect conditions for flying im bout to lift off
but they passin on me like that kid with inhalers and asthma
and look what happens/ 1959 havana
yeah i went to cuba to the beach and sipped rum
what you expect cambio 2 eat pray love
i don't need a himalayan just to meditate
and i don't needa pair of airs jordans just to elevate
but i'll take a couple brews when i celebrate
tryna catcha a lil buzz homie so they know the name
cambio, lets me translate
that mean "change" (sicker than your average)
rolling up my sleeves
we building a civilization only gatta week
since god rested on the 7th day
we making sure this time around we working through the break
Track Name: Work Song
verse 1

dar gracias no te olvides de dar las gracias
gracias a jesús por esta ensalada en este plato
gracias a los sindicatos por los descansos durante mi día de trabajo
las huelgas y el sacrificio que nos dieron pago de horas extras

puedo ver que lo necesitamos más que nunca
cuando la mujer trabajando en el mostrador mayor de 64
paso toda su vida criando a niños de otras personas
que fueron a la universidad ella se fue sin jubilación

se llama rosa y ella siempre toma el autobús
al menos ahora descansa en la parte delantera
el destino no cambió simplemente una mejor visión
no importa la parada todavía para en servidumbre

darles todo y esto es lo que conseguimos
actuan como niños que no aprecian
américa es hora de cortarlos
es como ver a nuestro bebé caer cuando enseñadoles a caminar

verse 2

tengo un viejo terco
ni ataques al corazón hacen que relaje
que sorpresa que el esta trabajando atras
papa es de costumbres antiguas que sabes de eso

un niño recogiendo algodón, un adolescente recogiendo uvas
dan su dinero a sus padres cada vez que les pagan
así que realmente no puedo quejarme
lo úniqo que tenía que hacer yo era ir a la escuela y obtener buenas calificaciones

pero yo les digo que las cosas cambian
incluso graduados universitarios no se les garantiza un salario
la economía es tan lenta
pronto van hacer americanos no joke en home depot

ellos dicen que estámos robando empleos, homie te los puedes quedar
te los cambio por la tierra que nos robaste y incluyo un paquete de cerbeza
Bud Light, las vas a necesitar todas las noches
después de largos días sí bienvenidos a la rutina

y siempre atrapado en el tráfico
los humanos y las drogas en el camino alimentado a los adictos
hábitos de habitants del primer mundo
si eso es lo que se llama civilización entonces te lo puedes quedar

verse 3

los trabajadores del mundo, unidos
mi mamá me dijo nunca cruzar un piquete
golpear donde duele
en solidaridad con lo que decido comprar

dar un paso más adelante
cerrar el sistema yeah llamarlo asesinato
dar un paso más adelante
cerrar el sistema yeah llamarlo asesinato

verse 1

give thanks dont forget to say grace
thank jesus for this salad on this dinner plate
thank the unions for the breaks on my workday
the strikes and sacrifice that got us overtime pay

i can see it we need it more than ever.before
when the lady working the counter older.than 64
spent her whole life raising other peoples kids
they left college she left without retirement

name rosa and she always takes the bus
least now she rest in the front
destination didnt change just a better view
matter what the stop getting offf still in servitude

give em everything and this is what we getting
like they bratty little teenagers with no appreciation
america its time we cut her off
like watching our baby fall when teaching em how to walk

verse 2

i gatta stubborn old man
heart attacks cant get him to relax
Suprise.suprise hes.working in the back
pops what you know bout that

little boy cotten picking, a teenager picking grapes
then gave the money to his parents every time he got paid
so i really can’t complain
all i ever had to do was go to school and get grades

but i tell em things change
even college grads aren’t guaranteed a wage
economy so slow
soon its white folks no joke home depots

they say we stealing jobs, homie you can have em back
trading for the land you stole i’ll include a six pack
bud light, you gon’ need em every night
after long days yeah welcome to the grind

and you always stuck in traffic
the humans and the drugs on the the road to feeding addicts
1st world inhabitant habits
is what you calling civilization n you can have it

verse 3
workers of the world unite
mama told me never ever cross a picket line
hit em where its hurtin
stand in solidarity with what i choose to purchase

take it a step further
put the system down yeah im calling it murder
take it a step further
put the system down yeah im calling it murder
Track Name: She's My Whole World
verse 1

making love not war bring it back
my ladie 20 units cuz she gotta lotta class
always library yeah you know she be stacked
with the 99 percent how i occupy that ass

damn, her mama, former hippie from the 60’s
nostalgic talking freedom summer mississippi
now she wanna save the earth you know recycle second chance
dont forget about our youth and convicts they just say the trash

invited me to dinner mike you a carnivore
cuz we vegan, and we don’t eat meat no more
mam, where im from we calling it being poor
got me acting like common with erika back in 04

she got arrested for throwing flowers at cops
where im from a hoodie will get you shot
and she talked a integration to fit in
but its a new era we snap back get it

my generation no destination to hold
i guess its why her daughter love me cuz this world cold
i just wanna place on the planet where we can grow old
start a riot lil acapulco gold

verse 2
hadda date at a museum exhibit of melting glaciers
but it didn’t mention things environmentally racial
and how it all connect or who it really effects
what we see is polar bears notta persons birth defect

but if i could hug a tree i probably would
but aint no damn trees in the damn hood
and why we in the schools learning last century skills still
stead of classes that addressing how to sustainable build

steada capars create a way to get that paper
solor panels from the hood to high skyscrapers
this is something that the rich can’t outsource
green collar economy unionized workforce

wind power of the midwest
can eliminate the war industrial complex
wouldn’t have to fight the power thats created naturally
gatta beautiful lady n better ways of usin’ energy

verse 3

she said we headed out the city k close your eyes
drove a long ways and the airs nice
love what you think of my suprise
srrounded by sequois yeah she went and planned a hike

should of been thinking thanks not thinking about my js
thinking surrounding scenery beautiful crashing waves
but this how i.knew she was of my life
she brought me hiking books airmax kind

she kept stressing bout returning to our roots
and michael not the band on jimmy fallon rocking suits
how my people and nature is nothing new
how we have rights to these trails nice views

true , but ill say still waiting for the day
that we aren't made to feel like strangers in a foreign place
Hey why we do for self starter urban farms
cuz she's my whole world love her with open arms
Track Name: Singing This Song feat Bocafloja, Hache S.T.
verse 1

im from the west coast not the west bank
never had to look outside and see israeli tanks
never lost my son to bullets never felt the pain
but i feel the struggle in my heart and know i do relate

cuz when i look outside its ghettobirds and cops who killing kids
over there they building settlements and here they raising rents
if its all about the benjamins and andrew jacksons
ill be what little big horn was to an anglo saxon

where my 501’s at
system isn’t caring what we wearing when we fight back
eastside, palenstine, worldwide, diatribe
gave the word we idling no more put that shit in drive

im solidarity with myans
guess its why im walking round town feeling giant
we all a family, tradin our mama’s recipes
Eatin. is ceremony and homie im making history
Track Name: Walk On Clouds Feat Animo M7
verse 1

damn, and im having de ja vu
friday no job and we still ain’t got shit to do
im differnt, naww you the same
the master let us go why you rocking 2chainz

jerry seinfields with nothing to ever say
its why i shine light i member what umi say
why a million rappers hardly ever any scholars
why they wanna be an athlete over being doctors

say illuminate and you pay quick to pay attention
and not to mention pacs killer still missing
walk up in your kitchen what’s killer is gmos
that ether that shit that make your body die slow

sipping old english, like itta first language
but im learn creole fight the power like im haitian
till the only reservation is dinner for two
by any russle means necessary how we do


and when the whole world sleeps, im wide awake
wanna tie us down ima fly away
using my mind im elevate
n walk on clouds when the skys are grey
Track Name: Jumping Fences
verse 1

yeah, i remember what i saw
Pops didnt watch alotta soccer, it was basketball
lakers on the television, luther on the radio
never to much never to much howd it go

but he was never at the crib what you thought i did
if i made the leauge i would get attention then
i had my older brothers crowd looking up proud
rolling weed to.sell chronic bumping in the background

there was kid frost, now they feeling brown pride
aztec shirts never covered how i hurt inside
why you act black all the homies called me names
rocking jerseys by my favorite player penny hardaway

saving up all my inns, having to have the kicks
part of a culture for the cultureless wondering kids
couldn’t tell you bout my peoples pyramids
but name chicago’s starting five even those who rode the bench

traveled to the forum (great western forum) call it a pilgrimage
other kids from other villages language and experience
all imagining having making it having money never broke again
dating woman known for modelin

back ot reality couldn’t really be mad at me
most of us never making a nba salary
but i get the feeling of how this was purposely made to be
they brought the cross and a ball then left us without identity

verse 2

no hoops no longer a point of view
now im chilling on campus no longer had any roots
i member my brother was homeless while im in college
spending days in a library yeah he getting that knowledge

schooling me on a world i honestly never knew
(my brother talking)

i recall when my whole world changed
he gave dead prez on cassette tape
so inspired i later started a band
paralagente rocking and raging we was a fam

now we playing colleges oakland, la
rallys, demonstrations yeah we making a name
meeting different performers some of em super wak
more focused on my nikes then the fact you can’t rap

lost for so long, just looking at fitting in
even taking a diss from them red diaper kids (l.a. rap scene)
like i was tryna liva hollywood (edward james olmos) flick
as if my testimonial wasn’t legit

but it was expressing through my song
that’s when a rapper from mexico city came along
from the central valley down to chiaps we rocking stages
now my biggest fanbase doesnt speak the language

don't ask, it doesn't always add
but im breakers borders only talked about in class
you ain’t feeling this you can kiss my ass
but if you are thank you very much fam and

this for my people that’s living these borderlands
hopping em like the cops is chasing us yeah